Tau Epsilon Phi, Alpha Tau Colony 

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Welcome to the Tau Epsilon Phi 

Alpha Tau Colony at 

Rowan Univeristy


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       and welcome to the official website for the Alpha Tau Colony of Tau Epsilon Phi at Rowan University! Consider all that you find here a window into the world of our colony, and an introduction to the men you see behind the screen.

       I speak for the colony as a whole when I say that it is an exciting time to be involved in ‘TEP’ here at Rowan. We are a diverse collective of 24 active brothers all with a variety of interests and hobbies, yet we hold forth in the solidarity of our brotherhood a set of ideals which bring us all together: Friendship, Chivalry, and Service. As a new organization it is our goal to forge together an organization that will provide a renowned brotherhood for years of future members to come. To be interested in TEP at Rowan is to be interested in not simply joining a legacy, but to become an intricate piece of the puzzle in the creation of a legacy, and thus- a leader amongst leaders.

       This is not an easy task, but it is both gratifying and worthwhile. I found in my own experience that it brought me together with a group of gentlemen, which I proudly call my friends that I otherwise may not have found on my own. That being said, we are a non-hazing organization. We choose to employ a positively reinforced process to foster the bonds necessary in order to maintain and expand friendship amongst our brotherhood. So, whether you are interested in helping to continue the establishment of a new brotherhood alongside many of the founding members, you are looking for an organization on campus that has a unique spin on being a part of Greek-life, or you simply want to see what we are all about, then please take a look around to see what makes us TEP.

Feel free to contact and interact with us through the link to our Facebook page on the left side of the page, any of us would love to hear from you. Thank you.
 -      Zachariah “Jedi” Beller