Tau Epsilon Phi, Alpha Tau Colony 

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Welcome to the Tau Epsilon Phi 

Alpha Tau Colony at 

Rowan Univeristy


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       Welcome to the official website for the Alpha Tau Colony of Tau Epsilon Phi at Rowan University! Consider all that you find here a window into the world of our colony, and an introduction to the men you see behind the screen.

       In writing this letter to you, I had hoped to be able to define a few things about our chapter, and highlight why you should be interested. This has proven difficult, as the brothers of TEP are not so easily grouped into one definition, and there are so many reasons to be interested in our chapter. From gym rats to gamers to rocket scientists, our brothers come from all walks of life, often breaking down the barriers between these labels. With a large variety of majors and hobbies, is it difficult to come up with anything that someone in TEP doesn’t do. Yet, despite these differences in interests and backgrounds, all of our brothers are bound together by the creed that makes us TEP men.

      Being a TEP man is not about ‘surviving’ the pledge process. It is not about mindless obedience to the brothers who came before you. To be a TEP man means to be able to think for ones-self, and to attempt to leave places better than when you came to them. It is to judge men by their character, not by their appearance. It is to be honorable to all men, not just those who are your brothers. It is to give unselfishly that which you may have to offer, never holding back from helping others in greed or laziness. If these are the sort of characteristics that you hold valuable, then TEP will welcome you with open arms.

    Feel free to contact the chapter through our Facebook link on the left side of the page, or to contact me personally there as well. Thank you.


 -Joshua “Slick Willy” Rogan